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Prior to my surgery I walked 2 miles every day to prepare. Surgery was a breeze. My pain was at a 3/10. I was able to lift my left by myself and get around utilizing crutches only. I was walking 1 mile by the end of the first week post op and 2 miles by the end of the second week. Physical therapy is a breeze if you apply yourself. I am happily recovered.

Denise B.

Post knee replacement

Dr. Maddox replaced my knee on September 6, 2016. He did an absolutely phenomenal piece of work. I have no pain. I am one month out from surgery and very pleased with my results. I am only sorry I did not have the surgery sooner. Thank you Dr. Maddox. You will be doing my other knee in 2017. Thank you to the wonderful team.

Robert C.

Post knee replacement

I tell everyone I talk to about how pleased I am with the total package from Dr. Maddox and staff. Both of my knees bothered me before I retired 16 years ago. Because my wife suffered from Parkinson Disease, my job became to care for her. Since 2016 I was able to have my knees replaced. It was a long wait, but worth it.

David B.

Post knee replacement

After much research on knee replacement, I was very impressed with Dr. Maddox. After my exam, I was given several options for dealing with my pain. It was my decision which direction to take. After trying a less invasive procedure, I decided to move forward with a knee replacement. I am very happy with the whole procedure and the results could not be better. Monetary compensation isn’t the only payment for Dr. Maddox. He is truly happy when his patients have positive results such as mine.

Pasquale T.

Post knee replacement